Techniques - Warm up & Practice Exercises

1. Warm Up & Practice Exercises


The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ (Betty Edwards) is quite a good drawing book that was recommended to us during the Certificate courseThis book is broken up into 5 Parts: The Perception of - (1) Edges (2) Spaces (3) Relationships (4) Lights and Shadows (5) of the Gestalt.  There is a workbook that can be bought as a supplement for guided practice exercises of these basic skills of drawing.  


A helpful idea is to set yourself time limits while practicing some of these warm up exercises (the workbook provides an estimate of the time required).  The quicker you become at these exercises will lead to more confidence in your gestures and you should expect to see much improvement in your drawing skills.

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I did not study print making during the Certificate course, however, the tutors are quite open to assisting you in learning some of these techniques (if you wish to do so) and so will they advise you with any queries you may have in relation to these topics.  I did not study sculptural processes until the Diploma in Art & Design.

2. Techniques