N.C.A.D. Certificate in Drawing & Visual Investigation

Project 2





In order to avoid any preconceived ideas that any of the class may have had in regards to what they would like to prepare for our next project, the tutors decided to throw us a curve ball by making us choose a word from a hat.  Each student would then use this word as a starting point for their project theme. 



The tutors advised that there would still be plenty of room and freedom to divert from this word and thus pursue a direction which would tie back in with any different theme that we may have already decided to work with, however, it was still a great way of getting us to think afresh about how we could approach our subject in a different way.  My word was Opulence.








Again, the following books are great resources for drawing exercises and researching contemporary art; Vitamin D’, Art Now! 'The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' and The Drawing Book’.


I was unsure of what type of artistic route to take in relation to the subject of ‘opulence’ so I first prepared a mind/word map in order to investigate some of the themes and directions that may interest me in relation to this topic.  Words of interest that stood out for me were Wealth, Affluence and Luxury - jewellery, diamonds, chandeliers and crystals especially interested me in relation to this topic. 



I thus started looking at decorative jewellery and it is through this investigation that I discovered the artist Simone Shubuck whose intricate designs reminded me of decorative jewellery.





Shubucks drawings are based on cartier bracelets, flowers, birds and jewel like collages.  In her Kantor / Feuer gallery exhibition ‘Drawings and Wrapping Service’, Shubucks work was described as layered“flowers, birds, dripping jeweled chains, daggers & other objects, adorning them with a range of pop-culture references, from Don Diva magazine to necklaces from the Italian fashion house Marni” (see exhibition press release Kanotor/Feuer Gallery). 



Shubucks use of bright colors inspired me to also look at pop art, especially artists such as Andy Warhol, where I found similarities in some of his work to that of Shubucks work (eg. in Warhols use of color, such as in ‘Ice Cream Dessert’).  I really loved Shubucks work and, copying her medium of choice, I also attempted some work with colored pencils in order to experiment with these new themes and ideas:




Through my experimentation (with new topics, ideas, media and artists) during this project, I began to discover and appreciate brightly colored artwork with pretty and intricate delicate design work embedded within it.  



However, my project soon began to evolve back to darker colors and I realized that my heart, as an artist, lies mainly in subject matters that draw on darker colors and themes (although I do still find it interesting to add somewhat of a contrasting colorful and playful side to my art every so often - even when dealing with darker subject matters).




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