Approaches / Exercises & Techniques / Tools & Materials



The first 3 weeks of the Certificate course were aimed at developing skills in processes, approaches and techniques.  This was achieved through workshops and warm up exercises.  Some of the below factors were discussed during this time: 


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1. Observation
2. Importance of Research Notebooks & Visual Diary

3. Focusing on specific themes to your work

4. Looking to other artists for inspiration

5. Importance of networking with others in your class

6. Experimentation



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1. Warm up & Practice Exercises

   A)  Upside-down Drawing

   B)  Contour Drawing

   C)  Contour Drawing without looking / Blind Drawing

   D)  Setting a Ground / Tonal-Drawing

   E)  Negative-Space Drawing

   F)  Gesture Life Drawing

   G)  Grid technique

   H)  Other (eg. Bamboo sticks)


2. Techniques

   A)  Print Making  

1. Hard Ground (steel, copper and zinc plates can be used)

2. Soft Ground (transfer leaves, feathers, materials etc. onto a copper plate to be used as a print make)

3. Linocut

4. Mono Printing


   B)  Photo Transfer


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1.  Markings (drawing & painting)  

2.  Textiles / 3D & beading / craft / arte povera / Natural Materials etc.  

3.  Paper  

4.  Sculpture   

5.  Image Manipulation and Film making using Digital Technology  

6.  Print Making  

7.  Photo Transfer