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H&M: Autumn / Winter '19

I wrote my first fashion post (Primark Haul: Autumn '19) a couple of weeks ago and it got so many hits that I decided to write another fashion related post! I called into H&M last week to pick up a few bits for my trip to London and I decided to take some pictures to show you what is on offer in there at the moment ☺

I usually only shop in the H&M on College Green (Dublin) because I find that, as it is the largest H&M in Ireland, it offers the best selection and diversity of styles. I especially find their selection of work wear much better here than in other store locations in Dublin. I have bought quite a lot of office wear in the College Green store and all of these clothes have lasted for several years now!


Did you know that H&M offers a recycle initiative whereby if you bring in a bag of old garments (which does not have to be H&M garments!) then H&M will give you a €5 voucher off your next purchase when you spend €25 or more?! I think this is a great initiative and I'm starting to see other stores follow suit and offer similar recycling schemes! This meant that my two purchases last week only cost €20! 🤑


I needed a new winter jumper and I wanted to purchase it before my trip to London this week. I tend to be boring and mainly stick with black clothes so I decided to brighten my wardrobe up for the cold winter months and pick a color other than black. I wasn't too adventurous and went with their white 'Amore' jumper which was only €15 (scroll through the gallery for a picture of this jumper)!

The wording on the front is not usually the type of style that I go for but I love it on this jumper! And it has a soft cotton interior which is so so comfy too! I was torn between the orange or white jumper but went with the white for now...I might just return and buy the orange if it's still available over the next few weeks 😝


I think this bodysuit will be great for the winter season and it can take you from casual day wear (with a blazer or cardigan) into the evening for all of those holiday parties after work! And all at only a cost of €10!! I think this was a total bargain purchase and love the bodysuit.

You can't really see the ruffled sleeves in the first picture but swipe through the gallery to see them in the second picture. These sleeves dress the bodysuit up quite a lot 😍

I am of course wearing my Capitola watch. I am proudly an ambassador of theirs and love their range of watches! Click here to read more on this partnership and to get your discount code!


I'm loving all of the brown, cream, and beige colors that have been in H&M recently! Especially loving the woolly Aran-style knitted jumper (see the fourth picture in the above gallery for this jumper). This is another jumper I could end up returning for!


I looooved this coat!! And I would have been tempted to purchase it except for the fact that I had recently bought the black fake fur coat in Primark a few weeks earlier! Click here for pictures of the black fake fur coat that I bought in Primark.


Above are some more pictures of what is on offer in their College Green store at the moment! As I mentioned, I love black and so I had to resist going straight for some of these!

And finally, I saved the most important for last.....


H&M are killing it in dog wear at the moment! They have collaborated with Pringle of Scotland and are selling some amazing dog jumpers right now (as well as the above dog jackets). They have even launched a matching jumper for you and your pooch! Click here for pictures of some of these lines from Pringle!

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