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Capitola Watches - Brand Ambassador

Excited about my first Brand to become an Ambassador for - Capitola Watches!

Opportunities to Work with Brands

I only blog as a hobby so I have been surprised by how many brands have started to contact me requesting I become their Brand Ambassador. This has really kicked off since my Instagram following got to circa 1k followers and it has mainly been clothes, jewelry and bikini wear brands that have reached out to me so far. I can see how it works both ways because it is a way for a Brand to gain free marketing and yet a Blogger can also avail of perks and boost their portfolio/advertising by working with a Brand too. At first, I was excited and wanted to work with everyone who contacted me! 😂 But I managed to take a step back and wait for something that I really wanted, that I had researched as a good and stable brand and that had an impressive following and good reviews.

When Capitola Watches sent me a pm on Instagram asking if I was interested in becoming their Brand Ambassador, a quick click into their Instagram page showed a remarkable circa 400k followers. Also, their Instagram page is full of beautiful and professional posts, and so, I was happy enough to investigate more about working with them. Their watches looked stunning online and, after watching a few YouTube reviews, they appeared to look the exact same in the video reviews as the pictures on their website. While researching Capitola, I even came across a fellow Irish Blogger who had worked with them. I knew this blogger to be a legit blogger and so I was happy and felt secure that they were not a scam company!

Choosing a Style

I hardly ever wear gold but I was drawn to how pretty many of Capitola's gold lines are (click here for their website and here for their Instagram page). I narrowed my choice down to two rose gold styles but I just couldn't decide between the two! 😄

My Brand Ambassador contact was really sweet and helpful and advised that seeing as I have quite a small wrist, and I don't tend to wear large jewelry, then the 'Petite Mesh Gold Rose White' (which comes in the smaller 32MM rather than their 36MM size) would probably be a good option to start with. I was delighted with this choice when it arrived! Even the Petite size was quite loose around my wrist but thankfully there is a little adjustable screw that comes with the watch and so I was able to easily adjust the clasp to fit my wrist size!

My Review

After I ordered online, the watch arrived well within the 2 week delivery time frame (for Ireland) as stated on their website when placing my order. It came nicely displayed in a pink box with velvet embedded inside for both the watch and adjustable screw to showcase on. The clasp to open and shut takes a little bit of getting used to at first but I got the hang of it after a few tries. The watch is relatively light but it is exactly how it looks on their website! As mentioned, even the Petite size was loose around my wrist (I have very small wrists though) but the adjustable screw quickly fixed this for me!

I admire how the two founders of Capitola, Carlota and Sofía, created such a successful brand with a direct business model. Though the brand is European, they found inspiration for creating the brand while visiting the beauty and minimalism of the California coast - even naming the brand after a small coastal town in California! I also like the fact that Capitola is focused on social responsibility and sustainability in that all of their watches are made of recycled stainless steel and their leather collection is made of synthetic recycled leather. Another action of their social responsibility is how they consider their charitable actions as one of the most important aspects of their activity and donate 2% of their profits to four main causes that are health, child poverty and the protection of the environment and animals.

I will post an update if I experience any issues with the brand in the future but, for now, I am extremely happy with my watch and I would definitely buy from them again! (Please note that this is not a paid review).

If You Are Interested!

Soooo if you too love the watches and are interested in purchasing one of them then I have good news - I have a 15% discount code for all of my followers! 😃 So please feel free to use the below discount code to avail of a 15% reduction when purchasing with Capitola! Or, if you are interested in the Brand but would first like some more feedback on my review (more pictures, or, a YouTube video to see the watch) then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Click here to purchase directly from their website

Click here to view their Instagram page

My 15% Discount Code: AnitaK

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