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Primark Haul (Autumn '19)

"I'm just popping into Primark for a quick look...." 🙈

Like so many who have failed before, I stopped off in Pennys / Primark (O'Connell Street, Dublin) for a quick look last week and ended up leaving close to €100 down 🙈 I tend to find Primark hit and miss.... some days I see nothing that I want and other days (like last week) I can't buy enough!! I think that the key is to go in at the very start of a season, when their latest stock is fresh in store, as their best stock can sell out very quickly. Primark buys their stock in bulk and so this can mean that in a lot of cases; once it's gone, it's gone! 😪

Fun Fact: I previously worked in the Buying Department of Primark (HQ office, Dublin). 😊


I've wanted dungarees for the last few years but I'm still not sure if I'm confident enough to actually wear it out in public 😅 They are probably a bit young and hipster for me but I still love them! They are great for comfy wear around the house too. I tried on a very similar dungaree last year and it was about €60 so this one (at only €21) is a bargain! I am wearing a size 6 and they had it available in black too.


I've been on the lookout for a nice shirt dress for a looong time now! Primark has a few shirt dress options at the moment and I went with the ever-reliable color of black! It is in a corduroy style which I really like as it makes it a bit dressier than a plain black shirt. I am wearing a size 8 (for €18) and I dressed it up with a belt that I already owned.


A leather look trousers have become an Autumn / Winter essential for me over the last few years, however, I have struggled with finding both a flattering and comfortable fit in this style. Last year I spent quite a lot of money on a pleather trousers but they were so uncomfortable and stiff that I ended up never wearing them as casual wear 😞 I am shocked that I have found such comfortable ones for only €8!!!

One issue is that due to the packaging (see above pictures), you are unable to try them on in store before purchasing. I usually wear a size 8 and I bought the XS (for €8). This fits perfectly and because they are stretchy it means that they work a certain amount with your figure too. They were very comfortable and I loved the fit! You could definitely wear them casual and then dress them up for evening wear too.

The only other issue I foresee is that they are made of quite a light material and I suspect that I will need to be very careful to ensure not to catch them in anything as they might rip quite easily.


I know it's a bit early for this coat, however, last year this style of coat sold out very quick in Primark so I wanted to get in straight away this year and not miss out again! I'm very much looking forward to having this coat to keep me warm when I visit NYC in December!! I went a size up in this (I am wearing a size 10-12 for €35) as I like it a slight bit baggy and with plenty of room for big Winter jumpers underneath for throughout the cold season.


I was so happy with all of my above purchases that I ended up calling back in again to Penny's / Primark (Dundrum, Dublin) a few days later and bought another top and trousers!! 🙈


Most of my Autumn / Winter jumpers are polo necks and not very dressy so I liked the shorter look in this black jumper. This shorter bomber style in tops and jumpers is something that I'm loving at the moment! The gold buttons along the side of the neckline dress it up too. I am wearing a size 10/12 for €12.

Tan Trousers

Most of my trousers have mainly been composed of jeans over the last few Winters so I'm hoping to change it up a bit this year. I'm hopeful that, between the leather look leggings and these tan trousers, a bit more variety will be added to my wardrobe this year! I am wearing a size 8 for €15.


Except for the fact that I had already gone way over budget then I would have bought these boots too! I've previously found the high heels in Primark not to be the most comfortable, however, I did buy ankle boots from there before and they lasted for two years and were very comfortable to walk in! I suffer from back problems so I would usually try to invest in good footwear... but for just wearing into town to meet friends, etc. then I think these would be a good purchase. They are for sale for €19.


I took a few pictures around the O'Connell Street store to give you a taster on some more of what is on offer in there at the moment. Really loving the coats that are currently in stock!

Thanks for reading,



* Click here for photo blog of haul

** NOTE: Like most people, I am becoming more and more aware of 'Fast Fashion' and its effects on the environment. Though I've always considered myself a conscious shopper, now more than ever I am becoming very conscious of what I buy. I really do try to only buy clothes that I somewhat need, or, I really want and so I know I will definitely use them over and over again for a long time. Also, I always either recycle or, give my old clothes to charity once I'm finished with them. I encourage you to do the same! 😊

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