N.C.A.D. Diploma in Art & Design

Visual Culture - Assignment 2



The second assignment for the visual culture section of the Diploma course is an exhibition review.  The exhibition should be one of your choice that you have seen recently.


(1)  READ OTHER EXHIBITION REVIEWS.  For example, in Art Forum, Frieze (Magazine) and in publications such as The Times (Irish and UK), Independent (same), the Guardian and Observer (etc).

(2) A review should be CRITICAL. This does not mean that you have to argue/disagree with everything that you see. Critical analysis simply entails critical awareness and asking questions as well as making assertions/arguments.  You might consider questions such as:

- The role of the curator regarding the exhibited pieces

- Attention to the space/place the work is exhibited

- Positioning of the exhibited work within the context of other work produced by the artist/collective

- Engagement with theoretical paradigms/themes that we have discussed during the course


So, critique may or may not mean criticism.  What it does entail is critical awareness.  Therefore a review should not be an UNCRITICAL response to the exhibition that you are reviewing.  At the same time, we do not need to be critical of everything we encounter in the exhibition.  The point of a "review" is that it engages with the notion of critique and critical awareness (of which we have consistently returned to during each of our sessions during the course).


We also received a powerpoint presentation based upon how we should approach the review of art work - this listed, for example, the 4 levels of formal analysis  (1. Description / 2. Analysis / 3. Interpretation / 4. Judgement) 

Again, our assignment was required to follow the necessary essay guidelines

See here for my Exhibition review in relation to this Assignment