N.C.A.D. Diploma in Art & Design

Visual Culture - Assignment 1




Much visual arts/culture criticism surrounding the theme of visual culture centers on the act of looking and being looked at.

Please choose a cultural production (a work of art; piece of design; etc.) and discuss how our gaze is culturally constructed around your chosen work. (i.e. What is the work's intent / its various meaning?  What is the audiences response?).

Guidelines:  You are encouraged to explore the reading material discussed in the lectures relating to one of the subject areas of your timetable (Histories; Society; Place/Space/Environment).

The essay title offers you a wide range of possibilities to focus on: for example, you could develop your arguments in relation to a painting, a photo document or an exhibition space.  Be careful to choose an area that gives you plenty of material to create a valid argument.

Carefully refer to your reading material and remember to illustrate your essay and to use the appropriate citing methods in doing so.

TEXT Format:

Typewritten, on white A4 paper, with:

Essay Submission Cover Sheet

Illustrations - use proper and full captions, as per Writing Guidelines

Full Bibliography

Length:  2,000 words

See here for my Exhibition review in relation to this Assignment