N.C.A.D. Diploma in Art & Design

Photography - Project 3 (Brief)



See below for Project Brief


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We were provided with a project brief and a list of themes to consider for this project (see below), however, we also had the freedom of remaining with any underlying theme that we had started to pursue in our work if we so wished.  I therefore decided to continue with my theme of Connections and Containment.  

Project Brief 



This project is intended as an introduction to photography, camera skills and digital manipulation.  At the end of this project, students should have familiarity of manual camera controls, be able to identify suitable subjects for research and be able to compose and take a photograph.  Students should also have knowledge of the basic tools of digital manipulation.


Photography and the Urban (Guideline Theme)


Make a series of photographs that explore ‘The Urban’ in terms of subject, framing, light and time.


Themes to consider include:

Space and Place

Urban Society


Social Documentary

History and Memory




Create a clear focus for the subject of your image

Isolate the subject from other clutter

Consider and simplify the background

Be willing to get a better shot

Change between landscape and portrait view

How does your position relative to the subject change the meaning?

Consider the rule-of-thirds

Compose an image as if you are telling a story

Consider shapes, geometry and lines of force

Consider paths, reflections and repetitions

Understand the history and consider the trends



Do you need to take more images?  Each image you include should stand-alone as a well-taken image and also work as part of the group of images that make up your work.  Take more images if needed.