N.C.A.D. Diploma in Art & Design

Multidisciplinary (Project 6 Work)



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Decide Upon Choice of Mediums:



Two of my strongest projects to date (and most enjoyable media to use) were the Photography and Arte Povera projects.  I thus decided upon these two media as my media of choice for the multidisciplinary project.  



Another media that I would have liked to use in this project was Film Making, however, as there was a tight timescale for the turnaround of this project (and the fact that there was still a lot that I needed to learn in regards to Film Making) I thought it best to stick solely with Photography and Arte Povera.  



Arte Povera was quite an unexpected choice for me as prior to the Diploma course I did not have much interest in this subject.  I realized that the reason for my lack of interest was due to the fact that I had never actually researched this media, or, used it as a media in any of my prior work and so I had just presumed that I would prefer the likes of painting.  This is again a good example as to why you should always try out new media and techniques.





I decided to continue with my ongoing theme of Connections and Containment.  


However, this time I would focus more on connections rather than containment.  I especially wanted to consider immigration and the connections that we have throughout the world due to immigration.  


This subject also linked in to the topic of containment as we can be contained within our life prospects due to our circumstances, our address, our environment etc. (I previously looked at elements of this in my Arte Povera project) and we may therefore feel a need to escape.  





While researching how I could amalgamate photography with the sculptural work of Artre Povera I came across an art piece by Michael de Coucy which was titled 'Silk-screened Box Untitled' (it featured as part of his 'Four Mapping Projects' work).  For this work, Coucy used photoserigraph and corrugated cardboard boxes to create work of a 3D sculptural form.  Also, I was drawn to this work because I found similarities in it to quite a lot of my work to date, for example, the sole use of black and white, the use of boxes, birds and the environmental landscape.  


ore creative Sculptural Photography pieces that I discovered, while researching for this project, was the work of photographers Szymon Roginski and Kasia Korzenlecka who teamed up to create photo sculptures for fashion designer Ania Kuczynska.  


Upon deciding to use a similar style to the above examples of Sculptural Photography, I then needed to consider some ideas on the materials and methods of which I might experiment with throughout this project.


Brainstorm Ideas (Connections):

* Create work along the theme of 'Box of Memories' through the use of photography and boxes?

* Leave holes in some of the boxes - so that the viewer can look in and see a picture or words and in some way connect these words/pictures together?

* Somehow use light:  ie 'light will return' / our reliance on light (as the sun connects everyone & our environment relies upon it)


* Look at the theme of 'Space & Environment' and how we are all connected through this?


* Trees = Branches.  Branches act as a symbol of connections / growth / time / history.  We are all connected through history / the environment / growth.



Following on from my initial research and idea gathering, I set out on a walk around the city centre (with camera in hand) in order to source more inspiration and ideas.  In relation to history and connections, the  Famine Memorial  along Dublin Quays had an immediate impact on me.  It forced me to think about how, although we may be oceans apart, history can still connect us throughout many different parts of the world.




While out on my walk, I became quite aware of the large number of homeless people that are present around the city and this acted as a stark reminder of how, even after all of these years since the famine, our city still has so many people living in poverty.  Also, it was a reminder of how so many of our younger generation, even in recent years, have had to leave for work overseas and so immigration continues to be an issue today. 

On a side note, it was interesting how I saw nobody approach and connect with the homeless person on Ha'penny Bridge.....while only a few steps away was a busker who, though he was also seeking money, was in fact connecting with passers by through his music.




Finished work



Following my above research, I decided to create a sculptural photography piece using boxes and light and based upon the theme of connections.




Boxes / made boxes

Printed Photography

LED lights

History book on the famine



(1)  I first made 10 small boxes with the idea of connecting them together in some way.  


(2)  I then printed a large photograph of a tree (this photograph was sourced from my photography project; see details of this project here) and cut it up into different square pieces in order to cover the boxes (made in step 1) with these branches.  The branches connected together over different different sections of each box and were to symbolize both a connection to the past and also as a connection to those overseas.

(3)  I also used some of my above photography from my walk along the Quays (see 'Research' section above) ie the Famine Memorial, the ship and the ocean water.


(4)  I then used some pages from an old second hand book based on the famine (the text was also to symbolize how writing was one of the strongest way of connecting with others back in these days when so many had traveled overseas).

(5)  Finally, I used small LED lights inside of the boxes.  This light was used to symbolize a glimmer of hope and the chance of survival for those leaving the country for the prospect of a better life ahead.