N.C.A.D. Diploma in Art & Design

Arte Povera



Arte Povera ('poor / impoverished art') is an art movement that started in Italy during the 1960s.  It uses 'found objects' such as waste materials, natural materials (soil, turf, twigs, stone) and recyclable materials.  It uses these found objects in order to challenge the values of commercialised contemporary art and as a stand and attack against the values of corporate mentality.  The movement is thought of as a return to the simple and every day in order to find meaning.  The exhibition Im Spazio (The Space of Thoughts) held at the Galleria La Bertesca in Genoa, Italy in 1967 is thought to be the start of Arte Povera.





We were first given a preliminary project to complete while attending a workshop day in I.M.M.A. (Irish Museum of Modern Art)  

1.  Preliminary Project 0  workshop project in I.M.M.A.

We then used our knowledge and ideas from this explorative day in I.M.M.A. to start Project 1.

2.  Project 1

I again returned to Arte Povera during my final two projects.

3.  Multidisciplinary 6 & Final Project 7