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Photography Project - Project Work



Before deciding upon my project theme for this photography project, I first reflected on my previous themes for all of the art projects that I had completed to date.  I could see a pattern of ideas and interests starting to form in relation to Containment & Connections and so I decided to continue with this underlying theme.

I then created a mind map based upon the theme of connections and containment.  Here I focused on how people, animals and vegetation/the environment connect and contain all of us. 

We tended to shoot our photographs outside of class hours and then brought along a USB flash drive with some images to work on in Picasa (Google) for the class hours.






My interest in the subject of containment can be seen as far back as to during my first project while studying for the Certificate in Drawing & Visual Investigation Certificate a few years prior.  In this project I had completed a drawing of a spiderweb and used it as a symbol of smothering, suffocation and containment.  


This topic continued to be one of my main themes used throughout the majority of the Diploma course and it can be seen right back from our very first preliminary project in Arte Povera (when I used boxes as a symbol of being contained).  The theme then evolves within my work as I start to consider ideas such as anxiety and panic in relation to the feeling of containment - this can especially be seen in my Film Making project and both of my Multidisciplinary Projects during the Diploma year. 

The below photographs represent factors symbolizing the feeling of containment such as through the panic within your thoughts / the use of an overlapping containment that is capturing, holding you back and smothering you (such as a spiderweb) / the feeling of being contained within a space (such as a building).

Speeding Synapses 1
Speeding Synapses 2
Speeding Synapses 3
Speeding Synapses 4
Speeding Synapses 5
Speeding Synapses 6
Spider Web 2
Drowning Light 3 (Captured)
Spider Web 3
Caged Building 5
Caged Building 4
Caged Building 3
Caged Building 2
Caged Building 6
List Gridlock
Caged Building 7
Drowning Light 4 (Captured)
Caged & Contained
Caged Building 8
Caged Building 9
Caged Building 10
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Nature proves itself as an exciting topic in relation to both of these themes (connections & containment) as nature is one of the strongest forces that connects and contains all of us throughout the world.  The source of life is held in nature and so we are all connected in unity through this.  Our reliance on nature and the environment thus means that we are contained by it. 

One subject of nature that greatly arose my interest during this project was trees; this was mainly due to the fact that trees are often symbolic of connections.  One reason for this symbolism is due to their strong roots and branches which beautifully connect them together.  Trees provide us with fresh air and hence we are deeply connected and reliant upon them.

I then looked to the subject of water as we are all reliant upon water in order to survive.  Also, it is interesting to note how the flow of water connects villages, cities and countries together throughout the world.

Other Life

We are strongly connected with animals as we rely on similar factors within the natural world in order to survive.

Finally, one more factor (and one of the most obvious factors) in relation to connections is how we as species (and animals) are reliant upon our connections with each other in order to reproduce and hence continue to populate and survive.

Bird 2
Under The Bridge
Park Light
Birds 3
Cat Silhouette 2
Cat Silhouette 1
Cat Silhouette 1.2
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Photography 2 (Containment & Connections)

Drowning Light 4
Drowning Light 3
Drowning Light 2
Drowning Light
Forest Suffocation 1
Forest Suffocation 3
Forest Suffocation 4
Forest Suffocation 6
Drowning Light 3
Forest Suffocation 7
Forest Suffocation 5
Forest Suffocation 2
Leaves 6
Leaves 7
Forever Contained
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