Techniques - Warm up & Practice Exercises

Upside-Down Drawing




This technique is pretty self-explanatory and although it may seem like a basic exercise, it is in fact very helpful in allowing you to concentrate and focus on the lines that you are to draw rather than identifying with the object.  Sometimes we worry too much about what our end product should be/look like and this therefore stops us from just freely drawing as we observe.  


The first time I completed this task I was pleasantly surprised upon the completion of my piece.  I definitely drew much better when I was just following lines and not worrying about how my subject and final piece should look.



1)  Choose a picture to draw. 

2)  Place this picture upside down. 

3) Draw it by copying the upside down version (also drawing it upside down) and do not turn your drawing the right way around until you are complete. 

4) The key is to only focus on the lines and angles that you are copying from the picture and to not think about, or, identify with what you are actually seeing and drawing.

5)  It is a good idea to time yourself (perhaps set an alarm) and, with practice, you should improve on your speed of this type of drawing.