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Capitola Watches - Brand Ambassador

Excited about my first Brand to become an Ambassador for - Capitola Watches! Opportunities to Work with Brands I only blog as a hobby so I have been surprised by how many brands have started to contact me requesting I become their Brand Ambassador. This has really kicked off since my Instagram following got to circa 1k followers and it has mainly been clothes, jewelry and bikini wear brands that have reached out to me so far. I can see how it works both ways because it is a way for a Brand to gain free marketing and yet a Blogger can also avail of perks and boost their portfolio/advertising by working with a Brand too. At first, I was excited and wanted to work with everyone who contacted

Hvar, Lokrum and Elaphiti Islands

"An Ocean breeze puts a mind at ease" Escape the cities of Croatia and visit some of the many beautiful islands sitting along the turquoise Adriatic close by the country. While visiting Dubrovnik (click here for the blog post), we enjoyed trips to several of the Croatian islands. These islands made for a peaceful break from the busy streets of Dubrovnik. We stayed in Croatia during September which was still nice and sunny though less crowded than High Season. The islands we visited were as follows: * Elaphiti Islands (Šipan, Lopud & Koločep): Day trip from Dubrovnik * Lokrum Island: Half-day Trip from Dubrovnik * Hvar Island: Overnight Trip (1) ELAPHITI ISLANDS Scroll through gallery

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