Techniques - Warm up & Practice Exercises





You should constantly be experimenting with different materials and objects and seeking new methods for your drawing in order to create an original piece.  Everything that you see you should consider as a tool for your artwork; originality is key.  One example of a technique that we tried out in class is as follows: 



Eg - Bamboo Sticks


We attempted life drawing using charcoal willow sticks and attaching them onto the end of bamboo sticks.



1)  Choose an object to draw.


2)  Attach the charcoal willow stick to the end of a bamboo stick (or, any stick for that matter).



3)  Place paper on the ground and, from a standing position, draw on the paper with your stick and charcoal.  By keeping a distance from the paper this will therefore assist in separating you from the intense concentration and scrutiny of drawing up close to the paper.  This will allow you to draw more freely with your gestures and hence creates more of a flow to your work.  It also helps you to rely more on your instincts when drawing.