Techniques - Warm up & Practice Exercises

Contour Drawing



This is an exercise whereby you will only sketch an outline/silhouette of your subject.  This will assist you in developing your drawing technique by first mastering the outline and foundation of a subject and not having to focus on all of the minor details within it.  



Similar to Upside-Down drawing, this technique forces you to stop focusing on identifying what you are seeing/drawing but to emphasis more focus on your perception, observation and instinct. 


1) Choose a picture to draw. 


2) Only draw the outlines of the objects within the picture. 


3) The key is to only focus on the lines and the angles that you are copying from the picture and to not think about, and identify with, what you are actually seeing and drawing. 


4) It's a good idea to time yourself (perhaps set an alarm) and, with practice, you should improve on your speed of this type of drawing.